Turkish Residence Permit FAQs


Q. For how much time period will my permit be valid?

A. A residence permit will get a validity of 2 years.

Q. Will my family get the residence permit?

A. Yes. The family of the investor is entitled to take the residence permit. 

Q. Can I renew my permit after it is expired?

A. Yes, you can renew your residence permit after it is expired.

Q. Can I get Turkish citizenship after sometime?

A. After staying for 5 years in Turkey, a person is eligible to apply for Turkish citizenship.

Q. Can my family get Turkish citizenship?

A. Yes, the family members can also apply for citizenship.

Q. Can I visit my own country or any other country in these 5 years?

A. Yes, you can visit. However, the total time spent outside the borders of Turkey must not be more than 6 months.