Turkish Citizenship Tapu


The title deed in Turkey is called "Tapu". It is an official and legal document to prove ownership rights of a property. It registers the location, owner, type, size information of the property.

A Turkish title deed, known as TAPU in Turkey, is an official document by the Turkish Government, stating the property ownership. In this document, you can find information about the property and its owner.

It is necessary for the owners to know the title deed process and what-so-over is involved. Our expert team at Beytturk will assist you throughout the process.

The process of title deed transfer is as follows;

- All the documents needed for registering the property transfer are prepared.

- After the documents are prepared, all the necessary information is forwarded to the Title Deeds Registry Office.

- On the day of transfer, the buyer pays all the amount and the office gets the ownership of the property.

-After signing title deeds, we, Beytturk will help you to transfer subscriptions like water, gas, and electricity on your name. This is done very easily, safely, and quickly.