Syrians obtaining exceptional Turkish citizenship and method of presentation



Syrians obtaining exceptional Turkish citizenship and method of presentation

Syrians obtaining exceptional Turkish citizenship The method of presentation is one of the topics that have topped the Turkish news in recent times. The decision to naturalize Syrians in Turkey occupies a large space in Syrian news and its impact on Syrians residing in Turkey. After the adoption of the law on the naturalization of Syrians in Turkey, many Syrians residing in Turkey are circulating true and false news among themselves.


Table of contents:

  • Syrian Naturalization Law
  • How to obtain a Turkish passport for Syrians
  • Stages of Syrians applying for Turkish citizenship.
  • Frequently asked questions about Syrians obtaining Turkish citizenship.

Law of Naturalization of Syrians in Turkey

After the outbreak of the Syrian crisis, which lasted for many years, the Syrians flocked to Turkey. Where the official statistics of Syrians residing in Turkey reached nearly 3 million. As there was no special law to grant Syrians exceptional Turkish citizenship . The Turkish law was to grant foreigners Turkish citizenship in the following cases:

  1. A foreigner residing in Turkey and holding a work permit for 5 years
  2. A foreign person married to a Turkish citizen
  3. Turkish or Ottoman origins
  4. Investing under certain conditions
  5. Obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying a property or real estate worth 250 thousand dollars

With the increase in the number of the Syrian Arab community in Turkey to more than 3 million Syrian citizens, most of them are refugees. Most of the Syrian Arab community residing in Turkey are covered by the temporary protection law. With this clear increase, the Turkish government's intention to naturalize the Syrians on Syrian soil emerged. The Turkish government here has taken a decision to naturalize Syrians with higher degrees and university graduates. The Turkish government focused on the naturalization of businessmen as well.

Stages of Syrians applying for Turkish citizenship

The stages of Syrians applying for Turkish citizenship in several stages. The Syrian Arab community can only own property in Turkey through an effective trading company in Turkey.In other words, Syrians are not entitled to obtain Turkish citizenship for real estate investment in Turkey . For this reason, the naturalization of Syrians residing on Turkish lands was shortened to the exceptional Turkish citizenship. The stages of applying for Turkish citizenship are as follows:

  • The first stage: registering the application and approving the application
  • The second stage: the file is sent to the relevant institution
  • The third stage: the file is initially checked
  • The fourth stage: an extensive audit of the file, after which it is archived
  • The fifth step: The file is sent to the Council of Ministers for the purpose of approving the file
  • Sixth stage: At this stage, the final decision is made regarding naturalization
  • Seventh stage: Here, the person concerned is informed of the outcome of the file from the authority through which the application was submitted.


The competent authorities contact the Syrian citizen candidate for Turkish citizenship and inform him of the submission and prepare the required documents for the purpose of obtaining Turkish citizenship. The owners of the file can start with the first step by taking an initial appointment through the website of the Department of Public Souls by clicking here

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