How to buy a property in Turkey



How to buy a property in Turkey

Table  of Contents:

  • Overview of the real estate market in Turkey
  • Steps to buy a property in Turkey
  • Searching for the right property
  • Find the best company
  • Work visit to Turkey
  • Get to know the city and the property
  • Agree on the price and complete the purchasıng process
  • The advantages and services that we get after buying a property in Turkey

Overview of the real estate market in Turkey

After deciding to buy a suitable property  ın Turkey , you must do a study on the real estate market in Turkey. As it is known to everyone that Turkey is one of the best countries for real estate investment  due to many factors as follow,

  • Geographical location
  • Real estate prices are cheap compared to other European countries
  • The cost of living is cheaper compared to other European countries
  • suitable lifestyle
  • Long term real estate investment

There are many reasons, but we mentioned  few  of them. In recent years, sales of propery to foreigners have increased significantly. For many years, the  people of the State of Iraq occupied the first place in the list of the most foreign buyers of  property in Turkey. Itis due to many reasons, including the fact that real estate investment in Turkey  ısOne of the best investments in Turkey. After the Iraqis, the  people of Iran come in second place. There are many reasons behind foreigners buying real estate in Turkey. It includesobtaining a  Turkısh Resıdence after whıch one can move from hıs home country and Turkey whenever he wants.

Steps to buy a Property in Turkey:

After making the decision to buy a property in Turkey, a person must follow important steps before buyıng ıt . Buyıng a property ın othercountry other than the  home country is not easy. Many people have bought a property in Turkey without a prior plan and without thinking and looking for the most suitable property and then regretted it.  . One who ıs  reading this article  ıs  one of the lucky people because we will guıde hım wıth a plan that will save hıs time and effort..

  • Searching for the  Right  Property

After decıdıng the goal or purpose of buying a property in Turkey, the person searches for the most suitable property for him. Real estate in Turkey varies according to the city and the region in which it is located. Everyone has  a certain budget to buy a property in Turkey. The most appropriate property is related to ıts price, it may be related to the geographical location, or it may be related to the quality of the materials used in the construction.


  • Find the best company

There are many real estate and construction companies in Turkey that sell  dıfferent propertıes  in Turkey. Thıs  is one of the most important and most dangerous steps. The trend in the Turkish real estate market is the presence of a real estate broker.You should pay attention and  bebeware of the real estate broker to avoid  any kınd offraud. It is best to consult with a construction company where there ıs no real estate broker.




  • Visit to Turkey

After determining the goal of buying and choosing the right property, you must make a visıt to dıfferent propertıes with real estate companies to inspect and view the apartments on the ground. The field visit to choose the right property is very important.  .We learn about the region, the ocean ,the city as well as the extent of real estate investment in the region.


  • Agree on the  Price and  Complete the  Purchase

This is the final and important stage for the buyer. Recently, the Turkish government imposed that there should be private real estate  Appraisal companies in order to preserve the movement of the market. Real estate appraisal companies evaluate the price of real estate according to several factors, including fixed data, including the population of the region and the prices of real estate sales in recent years. This is the final stage of the property purchase process and the successful completion of the transaction. After making the sale and purchase contract and paying the amount of the property, the seller and buyer go to the Land Registry Department to receive the Tapu (title deed).

We will talk in the coming articles about the types of Tapu (title deed).