Title Deed (TAPU) FAQs


Q: What is the Title Deed (Tapu)?
A: It is a legal document that declares ownership of a property owned by a person.

Q: What are the required documents?
A: Following are the required documents:

• Original Passport of owner along with its Turkish translation
• Buyer’s tax number,
• Statement of identity information form,
• Appraisal report,
• Current title deed,
• Seller’s ID

Q: How do I obtain the title deed (Tapu) in Turkey?
A: The process includes preparation and translation of required documents. Once we finish the documentation, we will apply for the Title Deed and after a certain time period, your Tapu will be handed over to you.

Q: What is the right time for payment; money first or title deed first?
A: The process will be carried out after you have paid the full amount.

Q: How long does the title deed conveyance process last?
A: Usually the process takes two days.

Q: Is property ownership leasehold or freehold in Turkey?
A: There is not any leasehold property in Turkey. All title deeds in Turkey are freehold.

Q: Is there a specific process for title deed conveyance if I purchase a property for Turkish citizenship?
A: You can buy and sell properties at your free will normally since all properties are freehold in Turkey. However, you cannot sell property for a minimum of 3 years if you have invested in Turkish Citizenship program.

Q: May I share a title deed with other people?
A: Yes. You may buy a property with multiple partners. Your share in the property will determine your right in the property.

Q: How many people can share a title deed?
A: Usually, around five people can have their names on the Title Deed.

Q: Does my spouse have the rights on my property?
A: According to the Turkish civil code, your spouse has the rights on your property if you have bought the property after getting married.

Q: When I lost my original title deed, may I have it printed?
A: Yes, it is possible. You will simply have to apply at the Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre (TAKBIS) and they will provide you with a fresh copy of your title deed.

Q: What happens to my property when I die?
A: Your family is entitled to own the property after your death.