Buying Online Property


Buying Online Property in Turkey


Coming to the project site and personally seeing it with your own eyes before you could buy it is the conventional way of buying real estate. Nowadays, with the modern technology and advanced communication, it is easier to buy property without actually visiting it in person. With communication platforms like WhatsApp, Skype, Facetime, Zoom, etc. at hand, you can buy property online. This effortless way of buying property has proven itself very useful and efficient in past few years.

The idea of investing thousands of dollars in real estate over the phone may sound doubtful and suspicious. However, the right guidance and professional real estate team can make the whole process smooth and error-free.


Why Online???


Those people who wish to buy property in another country but cannot come right away and they do not want to miss the opportunity, can take benefit from this method of buying property.

At times, there are certain offers with such low prices that no investor would like to miss the opportunity. So, knowing the fact that those reduced prices won’t last too long, you want to invest without wasting time. That’s when you can use Tele Property as a method of buying property.

The prices in the real estate sector vary almost regularly. So, aware of the fact, the client sometimes wants to secure the prices to avoid further expenses. For this, a client prefers purchasing the property over the phone. Especially for the projects that are under construction, the prices change with the construction progress. 

Tele Property is an alternative for those investors who are too busy to travel for buying property in another country. 


How can I buy online property???


After the client has made contact with us, we will share all the details about the property, like property location, list of available properties, floor plans, prices, etc. 

We will make an online viewing tour of the property with our client. It can be via Skype, Facetime or WhatsApp, etc. The client can see the property with live details without feeling that the project is located thousands of miles away.

At this stage, the client would have selected the property already, so we will discuss the prices and payment plan and upon mutual discussion, will finalize the deal. However, an initial deposit must be made by the client to reserve the property.

The next step in the process would be the preparation of a sales contract declaring all the terms and conditions, payment schedule, and other formalities. The buyer will then sign the contract upon reading it.

After all the formalities are being performed, the next and last step would be, obtaining your Title Deed (Tapu in Turkish). For this, you can grant the Power of Attorney to us and we will obtain the title deed on your behalf, or, you can come to Turkey later and get the document upon your arrival.