Ways to Obtain Turkish Citizenship


Ways to  Obtain Turkish  Citizenship


Ways to  Obtain Turkish  Citizenship

After the amendment of the law  inobtaining Turkish citizenship through investment in Turkey, the demand for investors to invest in Turkey has become more than before. Where many investors, especially investors of some Arab countries, who wish to obtain Turkish citizenship  or Turkish passport, for the purpose of easy movement in between

Table of Contents

  1. Ways to obtain Turkish citizenship
  2. Details of the Turkish Nationality Law
  3. Turkish passport  value        
  4. Ways to obtain Turkish citizenship
  5. Obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment
  6. Obtaining Turkish citizenship by marrying a Turkish citizen
  7. Obtaining Turkish citizenship by residing for 5 years in Turkey
  8. Stages of naturalization in Turkey for 2022


Ways to obtain Turkish citizenship

After the amendment of the law on obtaining Turkish citizenship in 2018, the demand for obtaining Turkish citizenship became more than before, especially by Arab investors. According to the latest statistics, the number of people who obtained Turkish citizenship between the years 2017-2020 reached about 6,694 foreign citizens.

According to these statistics, the largest number of people who obtained Turkish citizenship is through real estate investment  of 250 thousand dollars. After the law of the last amendment to the law on obtaining citizenship through real estate investment, it is now possible for investors to obtain Turkish citizenship through  easy, simple and not complicated steps. Where you must choose the right property and apply for a real estate evaluation and whether it is suitable for Turkish citizenship or not, and  when you agree on the amount then make a sale and purchase contract. Finally refer to a lawyer who is specialized in this field and give him an agency for the purpose of obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment worth 250 thousand dollars.

Turkish passport  Value

The Turkish passport is one of the most powerful passports in the region. Is a travel document or movement between countries. The Turkish passport is ranked 94th in the world. ccording to the classification of Hanley & Partners. Turkish passport holder enjoys entry to more than 100 countries without a prior entry visa. There are also some countries to which travel is made only by showing Turkish citizenship at border crossings or at airports..

Turkey is also striving to strengthen its passport globally, through the political relations that the ruling party is trying to make it.. With the improvement of political and economic relations with new countries, this is reflected positively on the Turkish passport .

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Ways to get Turkish citizenship

Turkey, like many countries, has special laws to give Turkish citizenship to foreigners residing in its territory. The law on granting Turkish citizenship to foreigners in Turkey differs from other countries in very important details. Granting Turkish citizenship to foreigners, especially investors, this matter  improves Turkey's economy in general. Here we will discuss the most important ways to obtain Turkish citizenship for foreigners.

Many foreigners residing in Turkey have a desire to obtain Turkish citizenship for many reasons. We must not forget that the Turkish passport consists of different colors red, green, black and gray. Each of these types is attributed to a specific category of Turkish citizens, and this, if indicated, indicates the Turkish government's keeness on its citizens.

We will explain the most important ways to obtain Turkish citizenship in key points as shown below:

  • Obtaining Turkish citizenship through actual residence in Turkey for a period of 5 years, provided that the type of residence is one of the following:
  • Real estate residence
  • Study residence with another residence
  • working permission
  • family stay
  • Obtaining Turkish citizenship through a passport from a Turkish citizen: After officially marrying a citizen with Turkish citizenship, you are entitled to apply for Turkish citizenship after 3 years of marriage, with the presentation of some official papers.
  • Obtaining Turkish citizenship by investing in Turkey
  • By depositing $500,000 in the bank
  • By employing at least 50 Turkish workers
  • By purchasing a property or real estate worth 250 thousand US dollars