Q: What is a power of attorney (PoA)?
A: Power of Attorney is a legal document that gives right to a person to look after legal documentation on someone else’s behalf. The person who gives his/her right is called the Attorney whereas the person with the authority is called Proxy. Proxy has the right to sign legal documents on behalf of attorney.

Q: What are the required documents to give a power of attorney?
A: Your original passport and its translation, tax number, and two passport photos (only for some transactions).

Q: How can I give a power of attorney in Turkey?
A: Once the necessary documents are received from our clients, we will then translate the POA documents and get them signed for you. Further legal transactions will be carried out by afterwards.

Q: Why do I need an interpreter to give a power of attorney in Turkey?

A: Because the whole documentation must be in Turkish, so, for this you will need a certified interpreter who will explain the terms in Turkish. After interpretation, the signatures will be carried out and can be forwarded to relevant offices.

Q: What is the cost of giving a power of attorney?
A: The PoA costs around 800-1000 USD.

Q: Do I have to be in Turkey if I want to give a power of attorney?
A: No. You can give power of attorney without coming to Turkey as well.

Q: Whom may I give a power of attorney to in Turkey?
A: Anyone, above the age of 18 years, is eligible to get power of attorney.

Q: May I give a power of attorney to someone to withdraw money from my bank account?
A: Yes, banking transactions can be carried out with power of attorney.

Q: How many people can give a power of attorney to one person?
A: There is no defined limit. So, power of attorney can be given to one person from different individuals.