Why Invest in Yalova



Yalova is one of the quickest developing and changing urban communities in Turkey. With its normal assets, superb area, ocean and fostering a public activity, it is really a focal point of fascination. Investments, that have already been made, play a significant part in the sparkling of the star of Yalova City.

Yalova, formerly a small district of Istanbul, started to develop as a result of the investments made. The city has already caught the eyes of investors due to the lifestyle that the city has to offer. Yalova draws the eye of overseas travelers with its sea, forests and dwelling regions. Yalova is just the place for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of crowded cities and listen to their heads peacefully. Several luxury residences have been built for people for want to buy properties either for the vacations or to reside permanently. Discover Yalova, with Beytturk, the biggest developers in Yalova.

Yalova-Istanbul Transit

The location of Yalova has played an important role in the rise of investments that have been made in recent years. You can reach Yalova from Istanbul either by road or by the sea. The geographical location of Yalova allow its visitors to reach easily, not only from Istanbul, but other important cities like Ankara and Bursa. Beytturk always welcome its clients to visit Yalova and see their investment.

Everthing at Walking Distance

Investing in Yalova is not only limited to nature and scenery. While living a stress-free life, you can be connected with the city center as well, as our projects are located near to health centers, shopping centers, international schools etc. While the newly built housing projects in Yalova offer life in touch with nature with its large landscape area and ponds, it does not take away from city life.

The Natural life

Other advantages of Yalova are the natural resources and natural habitats. This is the cherry on top of your investment plan. Our properties are at such locations that everything is accessible. You can observe the beautiful sea of Marmara at one side and long stretches of forestland on the other.

Yalova- A new choice for the tourists

In the past years, Yalova, having all the attraction and natural places was not able to attract much of the tourists. But now, the tables have been turned. Also, the municipality has set bigger goals and aims to turn the city into major attraction for tourists. Along with property and real estate investments, Yalova is aimed to be a city where tourists can come and spend quality time.

A New Investment Hub

More and more properties are being sold in Yalova city every day. Important decisions are being made to increase the worth of this city and turn it into an investment hub. Meetings with world renowned brands continue in the Yalova region. With these future prospects, it is clear that investing in Yalova will be a wise choice for the investors.