Mission and Vision


Our Missions;


To produce living spaces suitable for technologies which is developing in the  world standards for our country and its nearby geography by acting ethically in all business processes.

To be in the international platform to design projects by producing exemplary projects.



Our Vision;


To be a leading brand in construction sector of our country by making a visible difference in the sector.
To be an exemplary corporation with its experienced and educated staff and the customer satisfaction it creates. To ensure a sustainable growth with our reliable service understanding.

Human Resources;

The greatest source of inspiration for Beyttürk to carry out his mission is "human". The basic strategy of our human resources policy is to bring employees who adopting the principles, vision and mission of Beyttürk and who can follow and apply the developments in the world to our company.
Accordingly, it is our priority to support the career goals of our employees and to ensure employee satisfaction.