With Beyttürk Member Card, you can buy a property from our projects with affordable prices and earn commission from every property sale realized with your reference.

All you have to do to benefit from the privileges of Beyttürk Member Card is to fill in the form on our website and join us.




Beyttürk Member Card owners have the advantage to own properties with affordable prices and gain money from being a reference.





Gold card holders will have an extra 1% discount on the properties they receive from our projects. At the same time they will earn 1% commission for every sale they refer to. Gold card holders will have the opportunity to increase their profits by passing on the Platinum card.




All customers who bought above a certain number of Beytturk projects have Platinum cards. from our ongoing and new projects will have an extra 2% discount for each property, they will earn 3% commission for each sale they reference.  





You can use our after-sale services for second-hand sales and renting the property you have bought.







You can exchange a property you own from one of our projects with another property from a different project of our own anytime you want without losing any value. Furthermore, if you have a property or a land you can exchange it with a property from one of our projects based on the valuation determined by our Sales Specialists