Jordanian Delegation Chooses Beytturk to Invest

Jordanian Delegation Chooses Beytturk to Invest

In the regions of, thermal springs, Çinarcık and Koru in Yalova, the company Beytturk construction; which was able to announce its name notably in the countries of the Middle East thanks to its reliable construction projects; launched its project Beytepe Yalova in the month of September of this year.

Dozens of people participated in the organization of the event organized by Beytepe, a project built by the company Beytturk construction in the city of Koruköy, Çinarcık district.

The guests enjoyed and admired the nature and atmosphere of the Koruköy region as well as the campus, during the launch, which took place in a positive and supportive atmosphere.

Although the admiration of our guests for the region, which is mainly composed of guests from the Gulf countries, was clear in their eyes, many have clearly expressed their admiration several times.

Mr.Barman: “Our goal, development”

Engin Barman, the founder of Beytturk Construction, said: “Our goal is to develop and promote the region by dealing with foreign customers, tourists, and investors. He said: “The beautiful nature, the spa as well as many important brand values in Yalova “Which is the most beautiful place in the world”.

The company’s founder, Engin Barman, announced the continuation of these activities and said he was satisfied with the strong interest shown by our guests.

Jordanian investors flocked to Yalova, Turkey’s most valuable and profitable province.

A large number of Jordanian investors have bought and continue to buy real estate in all finished residential buildings, where life has begun.

Prices start at only 28,000 USD, which is the first choice of Jordanian investors.


                                                       To get information about the project, click on the link.

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