14 March 2020



Beyttürk’s Chairman of Board of Directors took place under the title “Beyttürk Construction: One of the greatest players in the Gulf” in the 174th edition of İnşaat&Yatırım magazine in January 2019.

During the interview, the Board Chairman Mr. Muhammet Uğurcan Barman, outlined the history through which Beytturk went through various developments and the projects it realized, he also discussed the current situation of the market in Turkey along with his future expectations.

In discussing the company’s history “Our activities in trade and construction sector started with the leading of our family elders back in the 1980’s. In 2012 with the introduction of reciprocity law our company turned its activities towards property sales to foreigners. In this regard, our aim was to create a brand so that foreign investors can make safe investments. Beyt means a house in Arabic, and Turk means us, with this we wanted to create the expression of “Turkish-House” and tried to present to foreigners the opportunity to buy properties from our country easily and reliably. Throughout the past six years we succeeded in being a renowned Turkish construction brand in the Gulf States. Till this day, through participating in various in local and international exhibitions we were able to increase awareness to our brand significantly.

Mr. Barman believe that the success of Beyttürk is due to the usage of the latest technologies in construction and owning a young, dynamic, constantly developing structure capable of using social media effectively and adaptable to the changes of this new era and giving priority to customer’s confidence and satisfaction.

In addition, Mrs. Havvanur Barman, a member of Beyttürk’s board of directors, said: “We had many customers over the internet. This led us to become an interactive company. We started to work on improving its infrastructure. We participated in various exhibitions and established our teams. There been a lot of returns. There were people who we called or those who called our call center, mainly from the Gulf countries, we answered all the questions in their minds and gave them information about our projects and if they decided they have the opportunity to visit our projects along with the member of the team who contacted them, and learn more about the project through paying a field visit. We have a team of 26 people who carry out this process. As Beyttürk Construction, we have a team of approximately 70 people in total.”

During the meeting, Mr. Muhammet Uğurcan Barman discussed the projects of Beyttürk and the importance of Yalova. In addition, he stated that the domestic market in construction is not at the desired point though the latest regulation of citizenship law is a very important step in the market and thus balancing the situation in the domestic market said.

Mr. Barman had stated that Beyttürk  will be carrying out more than 1 million in 5 housing projects so far and 2 new projects will start this year. Mr. Barman stated that the expansion area will be in Yalova and Bursa.


Mr. Barman, said that Beyttürk recently is able to sell properties to its customers over the internet without the need for them to come to Turkey. “We are a company that provides the reliability of the brand in this sense,” he said.