Turkey is famous amongst the popular tourism destinations around the globe. People from all over the world come to Turkey and spend their holidays. The major attraction in Turkey is its beaches as Turkey is surrounded by the Black Sea, Aegean Sea, Mediterranean Sea and The Sea of Marmara. Also, Turkey has a rich cultural history, archaeological and architectural sites that play important role in bringing tourists to the country. Moreover, Turkey is a country of significant geostrategic importance since it lies on the cross borders of Europe and Asia. Most of the tourists admire Turkey so much that they want to extend their stay.

Foreigners who intend to extend their stay in Turkey beyond the time limit prescribed in their visa, those who need a visa exemption or intend to stay for more than ninety days must obtain a residence permit. Turkish residence permit is relevant in this regard for it allows you to stay in Turkey for a definite time period. A Turkish residence permit (Kimlik Card) can also be used to travel without being need of visa to enter Turkey. You can travel and comeback to stay in Turkey as long as your residence permit is valid.

In that regard, a real estate investor is eligible to apply for Turkish residence permit on the basis of investment. The foreigners who will own property in Turkey are entitled to get a residence permit.

A short-term residence permit is issued for a maximum of two years to foreigners who own real estate property in Turkey. However, you can renew your permit each time it expires, given the condition that you own an immovable property (eg, a house) at the time of application.

With this multitude of up-sides, who wouldn't wish to settle down in a Eurasian country? Also, with the most recent citizenship programs, entering Turkey is not any more a daunting task. What's more, in particular, the business openings an expat has here are simply dynamite and putting resources into Turkey is productive.