Property Sales Numbers In May 2019
June 18, 2019



Housing sales to foreigners in May of this year increased 62.5% over the same month last year and went from 2,415 to 3,925. Thus, the best May figures in the history of sales of housing to foreigners were observed.

Home sales to foreigners, which continued their momentum during the first four months of the year in May, it reached 17,263 units in the first five months. 9,756 units were sold to foreigners in January-May of last year, indicating an increase of 77%.


The biggest increase in housing sales to foreigners took place in Ankara, with 125%. Ankara was followed by İzmir with an increase of 121.6% and Istanbul with an increase of 103%.

According to the data, Istanbul remains the city of choice for foreigners who buy housing. Housing purchases of foreigners in Istanbul increased by 103% in May compared to the same month last year. Since foreigners who bought 854 houses from Istanbul in May of last year became owners of 734 homes in May of the New Year.

Antalya is still the favorite of foreigners after Istanbul, which has allowed it to rank second, with 850 homes sold. Antalya was followed by Ankara with 216 houses, Bursa with 187 houses, Yalova with 136 houses and Muğla with 109 houses.

The period from January to May examined in Istanbul: 7,894, 3,425 in Antalya, 977 in Ankara, 878 in Bursa, Yalova 688 and Sakarya 520 units were sold to foreigners.



Given the nationality of foreign owners in Turkey, Iraqis direction continues. Iraqis bought 407 homes in May last year and 594 in May this year. Sale of housing to Iraqis in 5 months is approaching 3,000

The Iraqis were followed by the Iranians with 509 houses, the Russians with 285 houses, the Afghans with 183 houses, 157 Saudis and the Germans with 155 houses.

In January-May of this year, when the sales figures of foreigners were examined according to the nationality of the country, it was found those 2,908 houses for Iraqis, 787,000 for Iranians, 74,000 for Russians, 992 for Saudis, 879 for Afghans and 757 for Kuwaitis.

Regarding the cities that do not appear in the top list, In May, housing sales in Libya increased by 493% compared to the same month last year, followed by Yemen (198%), United States (162%) and Egypt (161%).