Pakistan Railway to run train from Islamabad to Turkey from next month
March 03, 2021


Pakistan and its closest ally in the Islamic world, Turkey, have brought into a railway network to reinforce their strategic partnership after a gap of 9 years , which seemso be one of the major mile stones in this regard.
ITI Train is an international freight train service among these three countries Islamabad, Pakistan and Istanbul, Turkey via Tehran, Iran  route.
Abdul Razak Dawood, who is an adviser to the  prime minister of Pakistan Mr.Imran Khan for commerce and investment, while he announced the resumption of the cargo service, said the “Istanbul-Tehran-Islamabad” train will complete the one-side trip in about 12 days. It will have a capacity of transporting 750 metric tons of commercial goods'.
In his Tweet he mentioned that,"This is a testament of friendship between the three countries and will go a long way in facilitating movement of goods between Pakistan, Iran & Turkey”.   
Traders and experts expressed a great degree of contentment on  the announcement, as 6,500-kilometer railway line will save money, expedite cargo and container transportation, and most ımportantly reduce travel time. It takes up to 45 days for the goods to reach Pakistan from European countries via the seaway but this one side route will be completed in just 12 days .
The objective of this international  project is to enhance communication and trade links among the three countries.