Buy Property Online in Turkey

We are in the new era of techonology and many usual trends have been turned deactive because of the pandemic, Similarly communication technologies and the Cooperation of Governments the new concept of Teleproperty-Telesales is into power these days. Teleproperty is a concept that enables you to choose ,verify,buy property and its title deed without leaving your place.


If we define TeleProperty  it will be : "exploring the property by using visual communication networks such as Facetime, Skype, Whatsapp Video Call, etc."

Adding to that,  you may be un-heard of the term or it may give birth to curiousity but we - BEYTTURK- one of the topten construction companies in Turkey are here for your complete guidline.

Our Expert and professional team is here to assist you from start till end .





UNMATCHABLE OPTIONS: when there is a successful coordination between the buyer and seller team and all the expectations are fulfilled through complete assistance then one must not want to miss the oppurtunity and make an initial reservation which is being secured .



BUDGET FRIENDLY PRICE: During the period of special prices under the campaigns are not worth missing so even a "ONE DAY" can be so late and travelling in a short time is not possible at all.


BLOCKING THE OFFER: Prices are being revised and updated on the basis of market demands where the prices in real estate sector in TURKEY are always increasing . When the buyers are aware of an upcoming price increase, they may desire wrapping-up their purchase over the phone and blocking the offer  without waiting to travel.


LIMITED STOCK: BEYTTURK has successfully compeleted 5 major projects , where the construction is hundred percent completed and 90 percent of the stock has been sold out so we are having limited options with unmatchable prices.



TRAVELLNG HURDLES DUE TO PANDEMIC: In this time of pandemic , ıt is a challenge to travel and put the travellers in inconvenient conditions, so then,TELEPROPERTY comes into action.



INVOLVEMENT OF EMBASSY : In this process of TELEPROPERTY, Embassy acts in accordance and cooperation with recognized consruction Companies and enable the buyers to recieve their TITLE DEEDS through Turkish Embassy.







INFORMATION ABOUT PROPERTY: We provide you all the necessary information required like interior and exterior images of the property being discussed , delivery of title deed, floor plans, price, property location, 360 views , virtual tours etc.



NEGOTIATION: After you  the successful completion of the above step, there comes the oppurtunity of making the negotiations between the develpor company authorities and the buyer to ensure the best possible coordination.




AUTHENTIC DOCUMENTS: Our team prepares the necessary and authentic documents in this regard ,clarifying all agreed terms and payments and then we E-mail you the signed and stamped documents which are handed over to you once you travel later.



PAYMENT: The payment in this regard , are being made to the official Bank Account which holds BEYTTURK TITLE.


TITL DEED TRANSFER: there are two ways :

1-You can get the Title Deed once you come here in Turkey,

2-You can send us the POWER OF ATTORNEY through Turkish Emabassy and then we can transfer your title deed to you through Embassy .


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