Advantages Of Buying Property In Yalova City
May 22, 2019




Over the past decade, foreign investor’s interest in Turkey’s real estate market has increased.


Today, there are on average around 25,000 transactions a year with foreign buyers. And the main attraction for investors is Istanbul.

But recently, Turkey has seen the birth of a new star, and thus Istanbul had has an inevitable competitor, which is Yalova city.

Yalova city: The new star of turkey

Yalova is a wonderful city in Turkey and welcomes a large number of tourists every year. It’s named a city of magic and beauty for the beauty of its nature and climate.

Yalova has beautiful natural and green areas with many hot springs that some find it a way to heal, and it is suitable for those seeking retirement.

The living environment in Yalova is a peaceful and safe environment in a developing city with an ideal climate that makes its inhabitants happy.

Yalova has a host of international brand stores for shopping needs, and as it’s a growing city, shopping centers will be part of the future of the city, as its population continues to grow.

And what makes this city more advantageous to live in is the modern means of transport and communication in the region, which facilitate round trips.

The area also attracts real estate investors because of its excellent location; since it is located in the center of Turkey’s three big industrial cities; Real estate prices arouse their passion and are ideal for them to buy now with the option to sell later with a higher price.

Yalova: Real Estate investment

Yalova is a thriving region for tourism with its beautiful beaches and blues seas adding to its attraction, real estate pricesare starting to increase steadily as overseas buyers are seeing the potential and moving to invest in some of the fantastic new developments in the area.

According to the latest statistics, the largest number of foreign buyers of real estate in Yalova is the Germans, the Russians and the British. However, buyers in the Middle East, Central Asia, and South Asia are growing rapidly.

The residential properties in Yalova are always very valuable compared to the same type and style of real estate located in Istanbul, just an hour away.

Modern luxury apartments for sale in Yalova start at around £ 45,000 and will most likely have breathtaking views of the Sea of Marmara. Large villas with excellent seaside locations can be collected for around £ 250,000.

In Istanbul, these prices are found in the remote suburbs of Istanbul. While Yalova occupies a privileged position on the sea and enjoys all the advantages of Istanbul without any shortage or problem.

Advantages of investing in Yalova


Those looking to buy a property in Yalova will benefit from a good price-quality ratio, as real estate prices are well below those of Istanbul, an hour away, where real estate is more than double that of Yalova. Enjoy a beautiful seaside location in Istanbul, as you do in this beautiful region.

  • The city has a very high level of education, with highly skilled and well-qualified job opportunities.
  • Yalova because of its location on the south coast, it represents a second home or holiday home for many buyers
  • The Yalova region attracts many investors; indeed, this city is close to many cities like Istanbul, Bursa, and Kocaeli. You can easily access other parts of the country from Yalova.
  • Yalova is developing day by day to meet the real estate needs of buyers for a pleasant life.
  • The prices of real estate in Yalova are cheap and are good investment opportunities. In addition to that, there are many amenities installed in this city.
  • Yalova is a city with a promising future and the potential to become a fast-growing region.
  • Whether you are looking for a house to live in all year round or to invest in, real estate in Yalova generates a good return on investment or resale.

All this means that the property located in Yalova, offers investors a rental income throughout the year and that, with the increase in prices from year to year, capital appreciation is also an important factor for long-term investments in the region.

So, Real estate in Yalova is of great value, with no doubt.

No one denies that real estate in Yalova is an excellent value for money, but it is not only related to its properties, but its climate is ideal for those looking for a quiet and healthy life. With its nearby location, not far from Istanbul, it is only an hour away, by highways, excellent transport links and its location with its distinctive marinas and hot springs, which is favored by Arab real estate investors